My first visit to Thunder Valley Casino

When I first went to Thunder Valley Casino, I thought I was lost. I drove by the casinos in Sacramento and then into vast open spaces. This seemed strange to me since I didn’t realize Sacramento had a lot of vast open spaces. Although I did feel like I was far away, it was only approximately 30 minutes from our hotel. As California casino enthusiasts, I’m sure you’re aware it’s not that far from these casinos.

I was in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere when I noticed it off in the distance. I was pretty shocked because it was enormous! I thought it would be tiny considering the surrounding grassy field, but trust me when I say it’s not. It’s about six stories!

My wife’s eyes are lit up like Christmas. She is the ultimate fan of gambling. I love casinos and nightlife. However, when she saw the venue, her jaw fell. The same was the case when we entered the gambling area as well. Some ceilings were, and I’m talking about, seriously vaulted.

There’s this modern bar right in the middle where we can relax and enjoy talking. If you know my wife, you know that sitting down and having a chat at casinos isn’t her style. The bar was decorated with this incredibly dark and geometric lighting and was situated on the gaming floor on the west side.

And I wasn’t satisfied at the other end either. There is a similarly unique but utterly different bar. It’s more like a sports bar but filled with fountains and colored lighting. We had a great time there and enjoyed it also.

If you go to Native American Rolletto non UK casino in California, you will see lots of the same machines and video poker. The gaming floor is large and filled with slot machines. I was amazed to discover games I’d never tried before. In the next few days, I could see the games beginning to appear in my community Native American casino, but it was in the casino that I was able to play them for the first time.

I would have loved to have had the opportunity to stay in the hotel. I was there in the evening, which meant I didn’t have the chance to experience the vast pool or experience the luxury of both the hotel and spa. I’m returning this Labor Day weekend, and I will check out the facilities. I’ll take some photos.

The beer was inexpensive. Of course, I return to the bar, but isn’t this the purpose of a casino? …? Drinking and gambling! They served a wide range of microbrews but no drinks, and the bars were packed with liquor. I’d never heard of it before, and I was a bartender. Although it was only two years, I worked as a bartender.

We only planned to stay for 3–4 hours because of our time constraints, but we were so excited that we moved a few things around and then waited until six hours! It was a great time, and as I said, we’ll be returning to the park this weekend.


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